Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting should be tested regularly to ensure it is compliant and works correctly…

…allowing occupants to safely evacuate a building in the event of an emergency

DLM can offer tailored Surveys and Testing to suit your requirements ensure compliance, functionality and maintainability of your installation and offer Remedial works at affordable prices.

What is incorporated in the various service levels?

All inspections involve basic functional tests whereby the emergency light installation undergoes a “drop test”.
This test ensures that all fittings are operated in emergency mode and remain operative for the required duration.
A number of other checks are routinely undertaken including the inspection of batteries or other backup supplies and compliance with current regulations.
DLM can;

  • Inspect at agreed intervals from monthly through to annually
  • Undertake remedial repairs to ensure the system remains fully functional
  • Provide a log book and ensure it is kept fully up to date
  • Provide certification & a full inventory report
  • Provide expert advice on continued compliance
  • Label light fittings & switches to aid scheduled testing and remedial works

DLM are not just experts in the inspection and testing of emergency lights but also the installation of part, or whole emergency light installations, whether it is basic self contained systems or addressable and central battery systems.