Electrical Inspection and Testing

Safety Safety Safety.

Every person and business has a responsibility to ensure the safety of ourselves and the people around us, weather a moral or Legal responsibility we at DLM are here to help.

Periodic Inspection and testing is required because an electrical installation will deteriorate over time due to a number of factors such as; damage, wear and tear, corrosion, excessive electrical loading, ageing and environmental influences.


Do you know when your next periodic fixed wire test is due and are fully aware of the regulations, as well as the requirements that your testing provider must adhere to ensure that your certification is valid?

DLM provide the services that ensure our customers can prove they have taken the necessary steps with periodic fixed wire testing to comply with the regulations and practices required.

Our technical knowledge, quality of service and ethos have enabled us to win large contracts such as Mc Phillips through to Numerous Telford Schools which are testament to the value we Provide

The below information covers all the key areas with regards to fixed wire testing, obligations and legal requirements along with DLM’s Ethos, expertise and capabilities.

Take advantage of our free assessment, Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a suitable appointment date and time. Reducing the risk that you may not be compliant and giving you peace of mind that you are covered.